System Lord of the Internets

Yes, I'm the Evan Carroll you've heard of: programmer, boy-genius, , open source guru, reigning god of technology and source code, political podcast cohost guy on Egberto Willies's Liberal Talk Done Right, and most recently a Texas real estate agent (lic. # 610570).

Because of a court order (injunction), I was taken off line for three years (2006-2009). I defended myself (pro se), and won, and then negotiated a settlement to drop the prosecution's appeal. You can read about my case on Harris County's e-district record system (Case 200679122, Century 21 Excel Realty vs. Evan Carroll). Anyway, I'm back now and injunction-less. And, I plan to re-content the site up after life cools down. More to come soon.

I'm currently attending Kingwood College pursuing self-interests under the guise of finishing basics, You can find my open source stuff at github, check out the link to the left under Shoutouts.